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For the Love of Liz

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For fans of Liz Shaw
This community is for fans of the Doctor Who character, Dr Elizabeth 'Liz' Shaw and welcomes anything Liz-related.

A few rules

1. Be polite. If you disagree with someone in a discussion then feel free to say so, but keep it reasonable and respectful. If you aren't a fan of het or femslash, then avoid the het or femslash. Don't pick fights with those who do enjoy it. Troll posts will be deleted and the troll banned.

2. No character bashing.

3. If it's not related to Liz, then please don't post here. Try unit_family for all things UNIT, venusianaikido for the Third Doctor era, 5roundsrapid for the Brigadier or doctorwho for general series discussion.

4. All fanworks, such as graphics, fics and vids, are welcome but all fics and vids should be under a LJ-cut. In the case of graphics, no more than three icons should be above a cut. Anything bigger, such as headers, wallpapers or fanart, should be beneath a cut. Any lengthy meta/discussion/essays should also be cut, to spare people's flists. If you don't know how to cut, please read this. Fake cuts to a public post on your journal are fine. If you don't know how to link, please read this.

5. All genres, such as gen, het and femslash, are welcome. Whether or not you use LJ's new flagging system or not to mark adult content is up to you, but all fic, art and vids should be beneath a cut with a header giving title, characters, rating, warnings and preferably length. Any explicit material that is not cut will be deleted without warning.

6. Community or event promotion is only allowed if it relates to Liz. Promoting a Three-era ficathon is acceptable whereas promoting a Sarah Jane ficathon, despite the possibility of someone writing Sarah/Liz, is not. If unsure, please ask here before posting.

7. Tag your posts. A list of available tags can be found here. If a suitable tag does not exist, request it and it will be added by a mod.


greenbubblewrap - Classic Who love

loves_them_all - Companion love

venusianaikido - Three era love

unit_family - UNIT love

dw_academy- Doctor Who discussion and geekery

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